Always wanted to become a model? Or just curious if you could be the next best thing? This might be your chance! We’re always searching for new and fresh faces, so why not give it a go! Don’t worry, there’s no need for expensive photoshoots or portfolio’s to apply.We just want to know who YOU are in your most natural way. Just take one of your parents, boy- or girlfriend or even your grandmother (a person you trust), pick up that smartphone and let us see what you’re made off!


A part of the application process is to submit photo’s of yourself. It’s farely standard to take shots of full-length, waist-up, close-up and a profile (from the side).  We have some examples on the sides, so try and see if you can mirror them as best as you can!

A few tips might help your results. So try to take the photo’s in daylight, but not in the direction of the sun. It can be inside or outside,  the choice is yours. But remember; we’re looking for that natural look!  So no make-up, extensions or whatever, but just the way you are.   If you have long hair please wear it down and no smiles.. Seems a bit harsh, but it’s for the best!

If you want to apply there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Remember, we’re looking for a natural look and there are certain poses that are required to get a good look. Please follow the steps below and read the instructions carefully, so we can see if you could be the next big thing.

Become an IBE Model

  • If you need some inspiration, just remember the digitals at the top of this page and the instructions stated.
  • Are you ready to send in your pictures and information? We're excited to see what you look like! Just be sure that all mandatory fields are filled in, that you're happy with it, then verify and submit below!